Irezumi’s music is more about a creative process, something that leaves a mark on the skin or deeper.It’s the deepest part of Manuel, a sort of dark passenger, a musical asylum to express all his feelings.
In 2008, with the help & support from the french label Snowblood, he released his first album « Endurance » which relates the story of the Endurance Expedition (1914-1917) from Ernest Shackleton. The album has been very well received by Ambient Music fans.
In 2013, a live in the Up To Date festival in Poland reveals his needs about a new album.
For his 30th birthday, Manuel finished the composition of his new album « Thirty »
More personal & intimate, he needed to treat his different feelings musically, like a statement of several years of combat about depression, doubts, fears, mourning & resilience…
Music made with the heart.
Not dark, not light, just grey…