More personal & intimate than « Endurance », Thirty extracts various passages of Manuel’s life.

Depression, doubts, fears, mourning, resilience…He needed to treat 7 years of these different transitions with music, like an asylum for all his emotions.

This album is dedicated to his brother (1972-2015)

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From Heathen Harvest :

Encompassing the tragedy and the beauty of existing, Thirty is a personally charged album to which we can all relate.  It is deeply intimate and nakedly honest.  Mesdag has channeled his emotions into his music with the aim of coping, and at the same time, he’s given us a tool-set with which we can do the same for ourselves.

From Indie Music :

Ne se jetant jamais à corps perdu dans la facilité, Irezumi se confronte à ses propres démons et dessine leurs formes, leurs visages, leurs regards hypnotiques et hallucinés. Une errance solitaire, certes, mais qu’il décide, avec courage et sensibilité, de partager avec chacun d’entre nous. Et, ainsi, de recueillir nos réactions, nos envies, nos réflexions. Une œuvre cathartique, un exutoire remarquable de sincérité et de confidence.

From Sonic Immersion :

The way back in this homage sets in when tears start to flow, one dares to stand up and look for the light again. It’s a slow process of healing and reconciliation where both forward and backward steps have to be taken. This music accomplished with detail was the effective means to make it happen.

From Opus :

However, Irezumi crafts ambient soundscapes with such elegance that they never feel insufferable or too consumed by their own gloom.
« Goodbye Brother” is my first favorite song of 2016.

From Textura :

In keeping with the intensely personal and intimate nature of the project, Thirty‘s nine settings (ten on the physical release) are an especially heartfelt bunch. Track titles such as “Hope,” “Drowning,” and “Dream Awake” explicitly reference the tumultuous emotional terrain Manuel traversed during the album’s production, and the positioning of “Goodbye Brother” at the recording’s close suggests a wishful attempt at closure and resolution on Mesdag’s part. One presumes that the creative undertaking in this case proved cathartic to some helpful degree.

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